Bespoke Inspection Alamogordo NM

No two properties are the same, then why should home inspection packages? Considering your unique requirements and expectations from the process, we give you the luxury of creating your own bespoke inspection package.

If you are looking for any combination of add-on inspections with your standard inspection package but don’t want to go for a full suite, we offer an inspection service tailored to your individual needs.

There are immense benefits to ordering a bespoke inspection. First of all, you get the peace of mind that the areas that concern you the most will be assessed by the inspector. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for the full comprehensive inspection, when all you need is a termite inspection as an add-on.

What are the add-ons that you can choose from?

You can choose one or any combination of the following add-ons to create your bespoke inspection service package.

Radon Inspection

We can identify early signs of Radon gas leak can detect its sources in the basement and general home. We can also quantify the damage that has been done in terms of repair and improvement expenses.

Lead inspection

The most prominent areas to look for lead contamination are water pipes and paintwork.

Water Quality Analysis

Too much salt and minerals in your supply water can corrode your appliances and plumbing system as a whole. Also, it’s not good for the skin and hair. Get an accurate analysis report.

Mold Inspection

Mold in the basement, crawl spaces and attic can spread quickly across the house. Mold inspection is a small investment that will pay for itself.

Air Quality Inspection

Protect yourself and your family from serious respiratory illnesses. Get air quality assessment before moving in.

Next-Day Inspection Reports

We will deliver your inspection report within 24 hours after your home inspection so that you can immediately start to learn about the home you are planning to buy. With attention to detail, due diligence and adequate time devoted to every nook and corner, we come up with a holistic inspection report that outlines a defect as well as its impact in other parts of the property. For instance, we will not only identify leakage in the roof, but will also explain how it can potentially harm other parts of the building. Our inspection report includes high-resolution color photographs that give you a clear understanding of the condition of the property

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