At the Helm of Aqua

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By Michelle A. Monroe Carl was having a conversation with his 9-year-old grandson, Jeremiah, when he began sharing his love of science and how he turned it into a lifelong career. “As Jeremiah began asking more about climate change, I had one piece of advice: Let science be your guide,” Carl said. At Northrop Grumman, […]

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Northrop Grumman in the UK

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Northrop Grumman operates from a number of sites across the UK with as well as at RAF Waddington, and sustains employment for more than 5,000 people in the many SMEs and other companies with whom we work as partners in the supply chain […]

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Meet Bethany: An Engineer Working to Ensure Perfect Balance

Aircraft visible through trees

Bethany is a passionate Structures and Mechanical Systems Engineer and Weight & Balance Engineer on the KC-30A Program. Read more about her daily work life. What does your position involve? A critical part of my role is continuing airworthiness for my team. This means monitoring long term and ongoing projects that will keep our aircraft […]

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Minotaur Mission Update

A rocket streak from a rocket launching into Space in front of dark cloudy sky

Minotaur Space Launch Vehicle (SLV) provides an extremely cost-effective, reliable and capable space solution for U.S. Government-sponsored spacecraft. Follow this page for updates on our latest Minotaur Mission. […]

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Eyes on the Sky

military pilot standing in front of helicopter

By Samantha Gassman From the moment Chris McGrath heard the rumble of an aircraft, he knew he wanted to fly. Growing up in a military family, his gaze was skyward from a young age. His grandfather served in the Korean War, and Chris and his family moved from post to post throughout his dad’s 23-year […]

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Embracing Lean-Agile Through Talent Acquisition and HR

light bulb turned on while group of light bulbs are not powered up

Encouraging career growth and versatility is a key aspect to maintaining a high-quality workforce at Northrop Grumman. Look no further than the Executive Leadership Team, and many will note their first role within the company was at the individual contributor level. “The ability to move around and grow within the organization is a key differentiator […]

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A Successful Transition from the Military to Northrop Grumman

man standing in front of military tank

Rob is a Talent Acquisition Director with Northrop Grumman in San Diego where he currently leads successful military hiring programs for the company. At Northrop Grumman, 20% of our employees are veterans, with another 1,600 reservists on our team. Having personally experienced the transition from the active duty force into the private sector, Rob proivdes […]

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A Lasting Legacy

Black woman at computer station

How a NASA legend’s family helped insprire my career By Freddie Langley As one of the key flight controllers on the NG-15 mission that sent the S.S. Katherine Johnson Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station in February 2021, I had what you could call a full-circle moment. My connection to the NG-15 namesake, Katherine […]

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Turning the Page

large group of people standing in front of USAF aircraft

By Jillian Wright For three decades, Northrop Grumman’s Aircraft Maintenance and Fabrication Center (AMFC) team kept a key U.S. Air Force fleet flying. The Lake Charles, Louisiana, site — which performs aircraft maintenance and modifications — historically served as the traditional home of the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) aircraft program. […]

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Mark Waki: 38 Years of Perfecting Inspiration

man wearing glasses surrounding by paint brushes

By Adam Ugolnik Throughout his childhood, Mark Waki wanted nothing more than to become a fighter pilot. With those dreams crushed due to poor eyesight, Waki was lost, searching for any opportunity to build a life around his greatest passion — military aircraft. A talented painter and model builder who grew up idolizing model box-top […]

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Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran Stephanie

woman in military uniform

Stephanie is a Systems Test Engineer with Northrop Grumman. She graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2009 as a Marine Corps Officer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in applied mathematics. After two and a half years of flight training, she became appointed as Naval Aviator in 2012. She was then deployed with the […]

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The Height of Her Career

woman on gym climbing wall

By Stephanie Flyger If there’s one thing true about Claire, it’s that she can’t be contained: not by a stereotype and not by a desk. Fortunately, as a Northrop Grumman field engineer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she doesn’t have to be — her job takes her around the world and is essentially one she’s been […]

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Head in the Clouds

Even the most advanced military technology and missions need help to withstand the elements and at Northrop Grumman, our atmospheric scientists are the in-house experts on weather and its potential impact on the U.S. military. […]

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Time Machine to the Cosmos

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) has been making history ever since it was propelled into space in December 2021, revealing never-before-seen details of the early cosmos. Referred to as a time machine, Webb’s powerful instruments use infrared vision to peer back over 13.5 billion years and view the earliest stars and galaxies. […]

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One Team’s Journey: DoD Skillbridge

Man in Air Force uniform

Each year, over 200,000 service members’ shift from active military service to civilian life. The Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program gives military members a jump-start in that transition.  In January, Northrop Grumman solidified a partnership with the DoD to offer transitioning service members internship opportunities via SkillBridge. This program enables those separating or retiring […]

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Veterans and Career Transition during the COVID Crisis and Beyond

Patch of American Flag

When the global pandemic hit, Northrop Grumman pressed on with necessary hiring, including the recruitment of transitioning service members through its Military Internship Program. To do so, the company maximized the potential of the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program, a joint-service initiative that allows service members to participate in job training, including apprenticeships and internships, […]

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Doing the Right Thing for Inclusive Benefits

Rainbow flag

By Laura Christof Among our company values is: We do the right thing. Sometimes it’s easy to spot an issue and do what’s right. Other times, it takes a nudge and some education to move forward. That’s what happened after employees raised concerns that our company health insurance didn’t cover some components of medical care […]

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An Engineer’s Journey: From BEYA to a Career at Northrop Grumman

Hands operating measuring tools in a manufacturing environment.

Meet Travene Grant, a tool engineer, working as a metrologist. Travene works at Northrop Grumman in St. Augustine, Florida where he uses metrology, the science of measurement, to assist with building aircraft. What was your journey to Northrop Grumman like? I honestly didn’t know much about Northrop Grumman before working here. I thought my passion […]

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